I'm a great father by my own admission of 2 great kids by their own admission! ha,ha!


All pictures look like me.  Pool & canal pictures are at my condo/co-op near the beach in Florida.  I lived in San Diego for 25+ years till recently and I'd come back in a flash if was "invited". :>)    BTW, I can be clean shaven if she prefers!  I'm 5'6 1/2" & could could lose a few pounds in the middle w/clean home cooking & a playful partner! :>)  I like going for coffee, dinner or a drink and like most ethnic foods. I'm big on animals,  like  nature, pets, movies, museums, much music, mini golf, concerts of older groups, live theatre (plays), TV, documentaries, NetFlix etc, flea markets/garage sales,  some sports but mostly football & WNBA, the beach, driving to the mountains - not climbing them, maybe snow skiing again, I can hit a tennis ball, just not chase after it. I LIKE CRUISES, train trips, RV, car but I don't fly. I'd consider moving for the woman depending on where she lives.  I'm not a big money guy, but I'm self supportive and have NO debt;  The best thing about me is - ME! I'M A GOOD GUY & WOULD ALWAYS HAVE YOUR BACK!  I hope that you or a friend  of  yours  might like what I've said and will want to meet.  :-))    OH, I just found a 12 year old video when I was interviewed on Boston tv.   If you're interesteed in watching it, it's only 2 - 3 minutes, just click on the link below or copy it and paste it into your internet line: 











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Please send PICTURES & INFO about the interested woman, or questions or comments, to me at: 


MANofDiego@AOL.com--->(SUBJECT LINE PLEASE - "Saw your website")     

or TEXT-->617-548-6555(say more than "hi")

If you are NOT interested in me & don't know of anyone who might be, I would appreciate if you would

tell your friends about me, and post or share my website (MarryDave.com) on your social media.




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