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Hi :>)

I AM SEEKING A WONDERFUL WOMAN FOR LOVE AND MARRIAGE and FUN, and....... companionship, friendship, the good times, the bad times, and just all of it.!

Yes, I am offering a $1,000 CASH reward  (finder's fee or recompensa en Espanol)  for the person who introduces me to the woman that I marry.  And no, contrary to what you may think, this is not a joke! :)))  I am seriously interested finding and falling in love with Ms Right and getting married, and I am offering $1,000 cash if you introduce me or send her to me.. 

All you have to do it copy and paste most of my profile info and pictures, and send them to her, along with my email address.  She can then contact me anonymously, if she wishes. We can talk online and if she's local, we can meet for coffee and see what happens.  If she's not local....well, we'll see what happens.  Maybe she would come to me  (I have many character references!)

To be honest and upfront, some of the  reasons that women are not interested in me could be that:

1)   I don't fly (in planes) but I would drive anywhere.

2)  Although I have great credit, no debts and a few assets,(and condo in Fla), I am not LOADED!

3)  I am not religious (but she can be of any main stream religion if not practicing...much) (or of any race)

4) I am over 68 (I look and act younger, with a lot of energy, I am told)  (I am looking for ANY age woman....younger or older,  up or down, if the chemistry is there)

5) I am living in San Diego, but in the future will want to spend at least a couple of months in Winter  at my condo in Pompano Beach Florida to be closer to my kids on the East Coast. The condo overlooks a canal with little fish popping out of the the water and boats sitting on it, and it's less than 10 minutes from Ft Lauderale Beach.

Now for some of  the reasons that women should be interested in me are that:

I am one of the good guys - I am honest, responsible, reliable, full of integrity, and totally faithful  in a relationship. Character is important -  If I tell you something- it's the truth... and if I say that I will do something, I will do it!   I am healthy, workout some, am  romantic (like holding hands, cuddling, kissing &PDA).  I love kids, animals, nature, most music, museums and the arts in general, movies, plays, older groups in concert, enjoying the local scenery, driving up mountain but not climbing them.

I have had several business:  I was a florist for more than 30 years and owned several shops, so I love flowers.  I also organized many hundreds of social events with a band or DJ, so I love music.  Currently, I am doing taxi work with  LYFT, so I love driving!  I also have a couple of small web activities and projects.

I am your average, Jeep driving, blue collar, casual type of guy.   I don't drink to excess, don't smoke and don't do illegal drugs (might do a little mj).  Played a little softball, tennis, and did snow skiing but haven't done any of these lately, just some jet skiing and apres` skiing ha,ha!!   I like American and ethnic dining,and open to entertainment that the woman might like. I'm in OK shape but could lose 10  pounds that would melt away with some good home cooking and great love making! <wink, wink>    I'm not intellectual but am informed on world events and the economy;  I'm not sophisticated but own 2 tux's!

My primary cook book is, "A man, a can, a microwave"!  LOL.   I do eat fairly healthy but sometimes at night I fall into the junk food trap.    I don't  cook, but I'll help with the clean up, and I like doing the "little things" for a woman.   I can't fix a thing, but I'll do the windows; and I'm not a player, but I like to play;

Politically, I'm sort of in the  middle and I can be politically incorrect and irreverent,

The woman that I am seeking is ok with what I have and what I don't have.  She should have a pretty face, be in half way decent shape, as I am, and not  be a work-aholic or ladder climber wanting to be CEO of IBM!  She should want to make our relationship the top priority in her life, as I would.  I am looking for a fun woman who is active but not one who rides a motorcycle, climbs mountains, wants to sky dive or bungee jump,  quads, or swims with sharks, etc,  but still she is fun and not prudish.  "I've been searchin' for the daughter of the devil himself, and an angel in white...a woman who's a little of both, but she's been no where in sight"  The Eagles, "One of these nights (I'm gonna find her)".

I've been married twice.  The first time we just weren't right for each other, but the second time, I was a jerk.but that was 17 years ago!

If you are not her but you know of someone who might be a good match for me, please have her contact me.  She could be from anywhere in the U.S..  If she is out of the San Diego area, and we really hit it off on email and phone, etc...I might want to fly her here to San Diego for us to meet, so don't let distance be an obstacle.

Physically, I'm 5'7", 175 pounds, have plenty of hair and teeth (ha,ha).  I am not looking for a Barbie, but no heavy weights, either.  If she's a taller, that's not a problem for me.  Chemistry is what matters!

You can see me being interviewed by the Boston Herald, Dec. 2012  at..


Or by ABC TV San Diego, Oct 2014 at 


I'm Hoping to hear from that special woman - maybe you or someone that you know?!?

A RECENT PHOTO would be a requirement for a conversation.

Thank you and best wishes to all who took time to take a look!  


Please send email and photos to me at   >>>>    MANofDIEGO@AOL.com