My almost "life size"photo on top is 2017 - photo below it at my desk is 2014


About the VERTICAL row of pictures below -  the 2 of me standing are 2017, others are in last 3 years.


2015 with my toy!
2013,with my grandson, Jacob

2016 - Go Patriots!




$1,000.00  CASH REWARD!(finders fee)*






LOVE and (hopefully)MARRIAGE,

and FUN, and...

companionship & friendship, during the good times the bad, and just all of it!


I'm originally from Boston, Mass., have lived in Florida, but living in San Diego, now.


Yes, I AM offering $1,000.00 CASH REWARD (recompensa in Espanol) for the person who introduces me to the woman that I fall in love with and marry*.  We are talking about a normal relationship leading to marriage (not a 1 day courtship, not years either, and not for a green card! I am looking for LOVE!) 


Contrary to what you may think - THIS IS NOT A JOKE!




If you are interested or know of woman 50+ years, please send a short bio & photos to me at:







GOOD GUY(hombre bueno) HAVE 2 GREAT KIDS, close to family & small group of close friends.

I would possibly consider moving to Ms Right, but I prefer the San Diego area

or Florida near the beach, or Atlanta or Boston area....

5'6 1/2", 190 lbs-somewhat athletic body-young looking senior citizen-relate best to women in their 60s, possibly late 50s, possibly early 70's if she's very young & playful, as I am. I'm in pretty good shape, but would be better with some great home cooking! Ha! I'm Taurus if that matters to you. I have hair,teeth & good hygeine :)) I do Light workouts; no hiking or running.
On TV- National Geographic, Animal Planet, History Ch, Movies, 2 1/2 Men, Pawn Stars(NOT PORN), Antiques Road show, Forensic Files,Seinfeld, Law & Order & news, while on computer.

I'm Reliable, Responsible, full of integrity-If I say that I will do something -I do it! I am honest. If I tell you something-it's the truth! I am TOTALLY  FAITHFUL IN A RELATIONSHIP!


I'm Romantic - very affectionate & passionate, caring, love holding hands, touching, snuggling, cuddling, kissing, pillow fights,intimacy, giving massages & just all of it! I want to please her!

I don't just want a spark - I WANT FIREWORKS!  :>)

I'm looking for the LAST and BEST love of my life, to love, and cherish, worship and adore; to be my best friend, playmate, partner, lover & maybe wife! She should have a sense of humor, not be a prude, have a pretty face, be in halfway decent shape as I am & someone who wants  to be number one in my life, as I want to be in hers!
I'm looking to share love & be family or loving couple again! Had it before & want it again. A fireplace, movies,popcorn, wine & cheese!


I'm  your average, Jeep drivin', blue collar type of GOOD GUY!  Owned flower shops, so I love flowers.Have organized many social events, so I love music. Semi retired-applied Home Depot.


I don't fly in planes. 


I own a cozy, little condo on a sparkling canal near the beach in the Ft Lauderdale area

where I'd like to be spending some time with you.


I have a VERY HIGH credit score and NO (zero) DEBT (small car loan only). But Not loaded with money, but self sufficient.   I'm Looking for the woman who is more interested in the LITTLE THINGS that I would DO for her, rather than the BIG THINGS that a guy could BUY for her!


  I'm not religious. I am open to meeting a woman from any ethnic group, any race

or any religion (if not too serious about it) - I am really a "GOLDEN RULE" kinda guy.


I'm Romantic-very affectionate-passionate-caring & love holding hands-snuggling-spooning,

cuddling-kissing-pillow fights-intimacy & just all of it! I would always try to please the woman! :>)



I have a great disposition - not PC, little bit edgy and bold, I've been told, and frisky,

and I've been called fun, but that's your call.


NEVER been in jail or been bankrupt, or anything else negative like that!


~  I don't want your money and I'm not materialistic and certainly not High Maintenace.  Just want to join forces and work together to have a great life.  If we really ever connected, I would have no problem signing a Pre-Nup agreement!  I just  want to be in love again and to share love with a woman that I find  special to me!


So, could you, or a woman that you know, be interested in a  good guy like ME?



I'm looking for a woman who is easy! Here is what I prefer:


  Fun, down to earth, playful, responsible with good qualities like mine. Not high maintenance (high style, fancy);  I prefer LESS makeup (a little makeup is ok ) and LESS jewelry (a little is ok).  Less is more of YOU!   I prefer sweaters & jerseys to shirts & blouses; And I prefer a non smoker-but very occasional might be ok.


  For her, I can have facial hair, a short beard, longer beard, or clean shaven...whatever she likes! I can have shorter hair or longer hair.  I am very flexible & want to know what she likes.  I would also go to an opera or ballet, or a chick flick if she wanted but hope that she wouldn't get angry if I happen to fall asleep!  ha,ha!


 "I don't want clever conversation - I never want to work that hard...just want someone I can talk to.... "     BILLY JOEL, "Just the way you are".


"I've been searchin' for the daughter of the devil himself and an angel in white, a woman who's a little of both, but she's been no where in sight" 

THE EAGLES, "One of these nights... (...I'm gonna find her)". 






ABC 10 tv interview ->


 FOX 5 tv interview:->


(if clicking on the link doesn't take you there, just copy & paste into your internet line)





A Final note - if a woman is really serious about me and would like to do a background check,

that would be just fine with me -  I would be glad to give my personal information

if we get to that point.  And I have many character references!

Please send email and photos of her,  to me, at


I'm Hoping to hear from that special woman - maybe you or someone that you know?!?

RECENT PHOTOS would be a requirement for us to start a conversation. 


To receive the reward, you must SPECIFICALLY introduce the woman to me (in person or email, etc) AS A RESULT OF my "" ADVERTISING, WITH THE INTENT PURPOSE OF US POSSIBLY STARTING A RELATIONSHIP (and eventually getting married)! 


By contrast, if I am at your birthday party where you have several women friends, and you introduce me around the room to all of them, and I happen to marry one of them, that is NOT considered "introducing" me to her.  Or, if you introduce me to a woman and then find out about the reward AFTER having introduced us, that does not qualify, either.



If you have any questions, please write to me an ask.  I welcome all inquiries.

Thank you and best wishes to all who took the time to look at my profile and or respond!  


Please send email and photos to me, at

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