My"actual life size"photo on top(couldn't seem to make it smaller! ha!)is 2017-photo below it is 2014


~A Good Guy That A Woman May Want to Marry~


$1,000.00 CASH reward or finder's fee (recompensa in Spanish) if you refer, or specifically introduce the right woman to me and we get married!

Of course,if you are"the right woman"you will naturally get the $1,000-to buy me a nice wedding present! ha,ha!


Please email a short bio & photos to me at


About the vertical pictures below -  the standing pictures are 2017, others in last 3 years.

2015 with my toy!
2013,with my grandson, Jacob

2016 - Go Patriots!



$1,000.00 ~ CASH REWARD!(finders fee)*




LOVE and (hopefully)MARRIAGE,

and FUN, and...

companionship & friendship, during the good times and the bad, and just all of it!


I'm originally from Boston (Brookline) Mass., have lived in Florida, but living in San Diego, now.


Yes, I AM offering $1,000.00 CASH REWARD  for the person who introduces me to the woman that I fall in love with and marry. We are talking about a normal relationship leading to marriage (not a 1 day courtship, not years either and not for a green card)  Contrary to what you may think, this is not a joke!  *PLEASE SEE THE SIMPLE DISCLAIMER BELOW!









(see also the tv interviews links below)


I am possibly open to moving to Ms Right, but I prefer the San Diego area, Florida near the beach, or Atlanta or Boston area....
GOOD GUY HERE!  5'6", 190 lbs, somewhat athletic body, tanned & almost toned, several yrs over 69. I relate best to women in their 60s, but open to all ages - up or down, if we have that SPECIAL CHEMISTRY!
HAVE 2 GREAT KIDS, am close with my family, & have a small group of good friends.
Watch lots of National Geographic, Animal Planet, History Ch, Movies, 2 1/2 Men, Pawn Stars, Antiques Road show, Forensic Files, Seinfeld, Law & Order as well as much news 

I'm Reliable, Responsible, Integritus & TOTALLY FAITHFUL IN A RELATIONSHIP! I'm Romantic - very affectionate & passionate, caring, love holding hands,touching, snuggling, spooning, cuddling, kissing, pillow fights, giving massages, and intimacy, and just all of it!  :>)

I don't just want a spark - I WANT FIREWORKS!  :>)

I'm looking for the LAST and BEST love of my life, to love, and cherish, worship and adore; to be my best friend, playmate, partner, lover & maybe wife! She should have a sense of humor, not be a prude, have a pretty face,  be in halfway decent shape,as I am,  & someone who wants to be number one in my life, as I want to be in hers!


Hope to hear from you or someone that you know!


__________COMPLETE PROFILE__________




Of all the reasons why a woman wouldn't want a guy - if he was a druggie, a drunk, been in jail, has bad credit and lots of debt, abuses women, lies and cheats and in general - is a bum >....well NONE of those things is me - I AM ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS!


I'm 5'6", 190 lbs, several yrs over 69,  somewhat athletic looking body - tanned and almost toned, , but not very athletic in activity.   My pictures tell it all and they all should have dates attached to them. I would gladly take more pictures if you/she wanted.  I have plenty of hair and teeth and I have good hygeine! I relate best to women about about in their 60s,(who are not jocks) but any age - younger or older could be ok if the chemistry is there! I am not looking for a Barbie doll, but not looking for an extra heavy woman, either.  If she's taller, that's ok with for me.  Chemistry is what matters!


 I'm looking to share love & be a family or loving couple again! Had it before and want it again.  I am just your average, Jeep drivin', blue collar type of GOOD GUY!  Used to own flower shops, so I love flowers, and also have organized many social events, so I love music.   Have 2 great kids (both professional) & 3 grandsons. Great relationships with all of my family.  I try to protect children (and women) if I think that they are in a dangerous situation!  I don't fly in planes.  I have some money, great credit, no debt, own a cozy condo on a sparkling canal near the beach in the Ft Lauderdale area,  but I'm not loaded with money due to a big business loss several years ago.  I'm Looking for the woman who is more interested in the LITTLE THINGS that I would DO for her, rather than the BIG THINGS that a guy could BUY for her!


  I'm not religious & I am proof that it's not necessary to be religious (etc.) to be a GOOD PERSON!  I am open to meeting a woman from any ethnic group (pero habla muy poquito Espanol), any race or religion (if you're not too serious about it) and I'm open to all ages up or down if the CHEMISTRY is there.  It's all about the CHEMISTRY!  If I say that I will do something - I do it!   I'm Reliable, Responsible, Integritus (my own word) & TOTALLY FAITHFUL in a reltionship.  I'm Romantic - very affectionate, passionate, caring, love holding hands,touching, snuggling, spooning, cuddling, kissing, pillow fights & giggling, and intimacy, and just all of it!  :>)  I always try to please the woman!


 I Like Scrabble, maybe bike riding, jet skiing, apres`skiing (ha,ha), (maybe snow skiing - been 20 years, but I would maybe try it again)... can hit a tennis ball but not chase after it well,  I like travel to interesting places in the US & North Baja Mexico & possibly Canada and maybe some close islands around the Bahamas.   Love kids, animals, especially cats & dogs (just not pit bulls) also like horses,  monkeys, penguins and most other animals at a distance; like museums, lots of music, art, plays, movies, concerts, football when the Patriots or your team is playing.  Watch lots of National Geographic, Animal Planet, History Ch, Movies, 2 1/2 Men, Frasier, Pawn Stars, Antiques Road show, Forensic Files, Seinfeld, Law & Order as well as much news  including  CNN, FOX, CBS & PBS & OANN.


I will probably, in future years, want to spend Winters at my condo near the Ft Lauderdale beaches...and other times in New Enland to be closer to my kids, since I don't fly.


I have a great disposition - not PC, little bit edgy and bold, I've been told, and frisky, and I've been called fun, but that's your call.


NEVER been in jail or been bankrupt, or anything else negative like that!


~  I don't want your money and I'm not materialistic and certainly not High Maintenace.  Just want to join forces. If we really ever connected, I would have no problem signing a Pre-Nup agreement!  I'm just looking for love and want to be in love again and to share love with a woman that I find is special to me!


So, could you, or someone that you know, be interested in a  good guy like ME?



I'm looking for a woman who is easy... here is what I prefer:



  Fun and easy going, down to earth, playful, responsible with good qualities like mine. I am ot looking for high maintenance (high style, fancy);  I prefer LESS makeup (a little makeup is ok ) and LESS jewelry (a little is ok).  Less is better! I prefer sweaters & jerseys to shirts & blouses;   And I prefer a non smoker...but very occasional smoking might be ok.


  For her, I can have facial hair-short beard, longer beard, or clean shaven...whatever she likes.  I can have shorter hair or longer hair.  I am very flexible I am interested in knowing what she prefers. For her, I would also go to an opera or ballet, or a chick flick if she wanted, and hope that she would not get angry if I happen to fall asleep!  ha,ha!


 "I don't want clever conversation - I never want to work that hard...just want someone I can talk to.... "     BILLY JOEL, "Just the way you are".


"I've been searchin' for the daughter of the devil himself and an angel in white, a woman who's a little of both, but she's been no where in sight"  THE EAGLES, "One of these nights... (...I'm gonna find her)". 






ABC 10 tv interview ->


 FOX 5 tv interview:->


(if clicking on the link doesn't take you there, just copy & paste into your internet line)





If you know of an attractive (cute, pretty,  or drop dead gorgeous) lady who might be interested in a good guy like me, please send some recent pictures of her (REQUIRED) along with some info about her.  If I think that we might be a match, I'll let you know and then send my pictures & info to her.  If she is interested we can start with emails, and i and then coffee and see what happens.  If she's not local to San Diego or out of state....well, we'll see what happens online & phone;  Maybe would could split ($) a trip for her to come here for us to meet.    (I have many character references -"upon request''.... I am very safe & reliable to be with!)








A Final note - if a woman is really serious about me,  and would like to do a background check on me, that would be just fine with me -  I would be glad to give my personal information if we get to that point. I AM TOTALLY CLEAN!


I'm Hoping to hear from that special woman - maybe you or someone that you know?!?

RECENT PHOTOS of her would be a requirement for us to start a conversation. 



To receive the reward, you must INTENTIONALLY introduce the woman to me (in person or email, etc) WITH THE INTENT PURPOSE OF US STARTING A RELATIONSHIP! By contrast, if I am at your birthday party where you have several women friends, and you introduce me around the room to all of them, and I happen to start a relationship with one of them, that is NOT considered "introducing" me to her.




Thank you and best wishes to all who took the time to look at my profile and or respond!  


Please send email and photos to me, at

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