PHOTOS BELOW  2017 - 2020! (I can be clean shaven if she prefers!) Pool & canal picts are at my condo.

 $2,000 (cash) FINDER'S REWARD!



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About 5'7"   190 lbs. 
A great father of 2 wonderful, adult, successful kids with families! 
I Love my family and would probably love yours (they WOULD love ME. for sure!  ha,ha!).
She probably doesn't want a drunk or druggie, a heavy gambler or a liar, a man heavy in debt, has been bankrupt, or been in jail, or didn't pay his child support, or is unfaithful, etc.  Well, NONE OF THOSE THINGS ARE ME - I AM ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS AND I HAVE MANY CHARACTER REFERENCES OF VARIOUS NATIONALITIES FOR YOU TO TALK TO - JUST ASK ME!
I DON'T: fly in planes, so obviously I don't jump out of them. either ;>)  & I don't ride motorcycyles; bungee; camp in tents; hunt, Nascar & I don't run, hike, or play tennis but can hit the ball. I love nature, pets, driving to the mountains, museums, movies, music, live theater, beach, the zoo, cruises, driving cross country with with my special lady riding "shot  gun" and with great music! I like ping pong, scrabble, some sports, some tv, Netflix, etc. I like romance and intimacy, holding hands, a little dancing, PDA,  a woman's sexy dress for me, and I love kissing the woman that I love! :>)    Finally, I like to do "the little things" for her!
I'm not looking for a fancy, glitzy woman, loaded with money, jewels and heavy make up, and not looking for a Barbie, but not an XXL, either.  Just want an average, pretty lady (to me), in 1/2 way decent shape as I am, who will appreciate a good guy!
Let's start talking and maybe fall in love!  :>)) 

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