March 2017 Boston
March 2017 Boston   

I have been traveling and visiting friend s and relatives around the country from San Diego to Atlanta to Washington DC, to Boston, N.H. to Ft Lauderdale.

  I could live at any of these locations & many others for the right woman!




_____  I'm about 5'7", 195,   I won't ask your age if you don't ask mine!  :))____



A great father by my own admission, of 2 great kids, by their own admission! LOL

Love animals, nature, music, museums, live theatre, beaches mountains.etc 

I like short cruises, and drive trips / RV  anywhere, and train is fun, but I don't fly. 
Great credit, almost no debt,  but not loaded with money.

I am in 1/2 way decent shape & have good hygiene, hair & teeth! :))

I exercise & lift light weights; Can hit a tennis ball, but not chase after it. 

Like Scrabble, flea markes, maybe bowling, jet skiing, picnics at sunset,Netflix with a glass of wine & you  Also watch much news,discovery, history, animal shows, movies, detective.....

Totally Reliable, responsible honest, full of integrity, romantic, honest &100% FAITHFUL! 

I'm a "Golden Rule" kind of guy, but not religious at all.

No drugs, heavy drinking, or motorcycles, 4 wheeling, bungee, hot air balloon, parachuting, etc


If she happens to like the opera or ballet, I would be glad to go with her, if she promises not  to get angry if I happen to doze off! ha,ha!  Who knows, I may like it! LOL





She should be of average size (I don't need Barbie, but I don't want XXL, either).

She should  have a sense of humor, not be a prude & should like romance and intimacy!  

She should be more interested in a guy who DOES  "THE LITTLE THINGS" for her,  rather than the guy who could BUY the BIG things for her!

A woman who would like to be the top priority in my life, as I would like to be in hers!


$1,000  CASH REWARD!

(finder's fee)



Yes, I AM offering $1,000 CASH REWARD for the person who finds & introduces me to the woman that I fall in love with and marry.  We are talking about a short but normal relationship leading to marriage (not a 1 day courtship, not years either, and not for a green card!)


I am looking for LOVE!







I'VE NEVER been in jail or been bankrupt, or anything negative like that!




~If you serously think that you might be interested in me, you could do a background check.  Also, I have many character references available for you to speak to (English speaking, Spanish speaking and Tagalog speaking, possibly Japanese also) if you would like.





ABC 10 tv San Diego  ->


(if clicking on the link doesn't take you there, just copy & paste into your internet line)




I'm Hoping to hear from that special woman - maybe you or someone that you know!

RECENT PHOTOS OF  YOU (1 head to toe & 1 head shot)

would be a requirement for us to start a conversation. 


If you have any questions, please write to me and ask. I welcome all inquiries.

Thank you and best wishes to all who took the time to read my profile and or respond!  


Please send an email with a short bio& photos to

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